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NEW Website Photo Submission Information

MCREA will be updating our website this summer and we are calling on you — our members — to provide us with some new photos of Montgomery County for our new site. These will replace the images currently on the site and the Facebook banner.


Submit your photos now through April 30th by Midnight EST.

The rules for submission are below:

1. Any MCREA member may submit up to 6 images for selection. The photos must be of something in Montgomery County. They can be buildings, scenery, your favorite locations, etc. No people in specific groups or head shots will be considered. Please have them be within the last 10 years.

2. Please identify where they were taken, by whom, and if selected, if it is it ok to announce your name. The names of the photographers and where the photos were taken will be displayed on the new website. You can remain anonymous, so please let us know when you submit your photos that you do not want your name used.

3. The images need to be submitted in digital format: jpeg, png, tif, svg, or pdf format. We prefer 5" x 7” image size at a minimum of 150 dpi. If you take photos after seeing this announcement using a digital camera or cell phone camera, set your image settings to the highest possible resolution.

4. When you send your photos, please include written permission to MCREA to use your photo(s) on the website, in Facebook, and any other digital or printed materials that we may use them for. MCREA will not profit from your photos, but we need permission to use them.

5. The final photos selected will be announced in the next newsletter and on Facebook. [unless requested otherwise]

6. Please submit your photos to Laura Muncy, at:

Note, if the photo size/resolution is to large to email together, you may send them in separate emails. Or, submit in a Dropbox or WeTransfer link.



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