Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member of MCREA?

MCREA is your voice in Rockville. We monitor the County Executive and County Council’s activity for potential changes to retiree benefits. That includes retirement plans, health and dental insurance, vision and hearing benefits, and life insurance plans. MCREA’s objective to to maintain current levels of benefits that retirees and their spouses and/or dependents receive.

How do I become a member?

We would love you to join MCREA! Head over to the ‘Membership’ page for details and the membership form.

How much is membership?

MCREA membership is $10 for two calendar years.

How do I contact a board member?

See the ‘Contact Us’ page to reach the president and membership.

How do I join an MCREA meeting?

There are two ways you can join a meeting—virtual or in-person. MCREA holds two general meetings per year. When announcements go out regarding the meetings the registration for both will be given at that time. Meetings are free to join.

Virtual meetings are via Zoom with a link accessed from the website on the ‘Meetings’ page. Links are posted on the website prior to meetings to register, or you can contact the membership chair to receive the invitation link through email. It is free to join but you must register to get the link.

How do I request a copy of the newsletter?

Newsletters come with your membership, they are mailed in the late spring and fall. They are also available to read and download on the ‘Newsletters’ page.

I have a question about my or my spouse's benefits, who do I contact?

For all benefit information, please go to the ‘Retiree Information’ page. You will find links for your retirement plans, health benefits, OHR, and other resources.

How do I find you on Facebook?

MCREA has a page on Facebook where we post updates for meetings, plans, and other information and updates from the County. You can find us by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of every page, or click here.